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'The future is uncertain, and our time is limited:
make your actions count'

Sarah de Lagarde is a mother of two, a communications expert, an author, and a double amputee.


In September 2022, she was involved in a tube incident that changed her life forever. Despite this, she remains committed to inspiring others and helping create awareness around the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

She has since become a motivational speaker and an advocate for mental health, safety on public transportation, and the development of responsible AI. Her journey has been an incredible one, and she is passionate about sharing her story with the world.


She invites you to follow her on her journey and to learn more about her story.



Mountain Peak

About Sarah de Lagarde 

On 30 September, Sarah was hit by two London Underground trains and miraculously survived. Today she inspires others with her lessons from a near death experience



As a spokesperson, Sarah de Lagarde specializes in diversity equity and inclusion topics, disability awareness, advances in medical technology and AI. She has the unique ability to bring these topics to life through her engaging storytelling. She regularly appears on the BBC, ITV Good Morning Britain, Channel 4 Steph's Packed Lunch, popular podcasts such as Should I Delete That, Revenue Builders, and Pin Drop Pod, and print press such as The TimesThe Daily Mail, The Sun, Mirror, The New York Times.



Sharing her life as an amputee on social media is an exciting way to showcase prosthetic leg and bionic arm technology, while also changing perceptions about people with disabilities. As an ambassador for Covvi and Lindhe Xtend, she has the opportunity to be a part of this movement, showing the world that modern prosthetics are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

She regularly raises funds for London's Air Ambulance, and Stand, a charity supporting amputees in conflict zones.



Sarah de Lagarde is a motivational speaker, whose life experience is a testament to resilience and a positive mindset. She is an inspirational source of encouragement and hope, sharing her story of overcoming immense adversity to show that anything is possible. She has a unique and powerful story to share that will have a lasting impact on your audience. She has spoken at employee events (Meta, CIBC, GSK), business schools (LSE, HEC Paris) and conferences (PWC, Hymans Robertson, Investment Association, Adminovate).



Her works span across a variety of genres, from business books to fiction novels. Her latest book, 'Cracking the Code' is a business book about communication, while her novel, 'Solacium', is based on a true story. She also has a fiction book for children in the works. Sarah de Lagarde is deeply committed to helping others find their voices and make a positive impact in their lives and the world. With her books, she hopes to share her stories and journey with others, helping them to find their paths to success.  She's under contract with literary agent GMC and is currently working on her memoir.  

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