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ProjectKili 2.0

Mountain Peak

The Vision

Sarah and her husband Jeremy are gearing up for their second attempt at climbing Kilimanjaro in August 2024. This time around, they're facing new challenges and obstacles, but they're determined to conquer the mountain and achieve their goal.   


In August 2024, Sarah, along with her family, including her two daughters aged 10 and 13, will embark on an ambitious journey to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters / 19,340 feet).   


This climb holds special significance as it marks her return to the place she visited just weeks before her accident, symbolizing her determination to reclaim her life.


The Team

Driven. Strong. Fearless.

The six-day climb will be particularly arduous for Sarah as a prosthetic wearer. She will be supported by medical professionals Catherine Weber (trauma physio), Kat Sizer (prosthetic rehabilitation physio), and Elisha Elliott (osteopath movement specialist).


Working With the Best

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